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Great NFT collection

3999 NFTs
Spin cat VIP club community
Passive income opportunities

Decoding the Digital Realm of Slot Varieties

Spin Cat - A New Era of Gambling Art On the Internet

Spin Cat, or How to become a milliner at Drip Casino?

What is a SPIN CAT NFT Lottery?

SPIN CAT NFT is project that provides with an opportunity to become a member of the VIP club of fast-growing online lotteries on the blockchain and receive passive income from it. Everything will be cut to 3999 NFT.

When you buy SPIN CAT NFT, you don't just buy an avatar or a state of art, you get access to a membership in the VIP SPIN CAT club, the benefits and offers of which are constantly increasing.

Each cat is unique and generated programmatically, including facial expressions, head cleaning, clothing and accessories.

What is a VIP SPIN CAT club?

You will receive a card of the club member, when purchasing NFT which provides access to the following benefits only for club members:
Innovations in Izzi Casino

What is a VIP SPIN CAT club?

Every day 2% of the cost of all tickets goes to the jackpot, which is played randomly every week between the owners of NFTs.


VIP club NFT SPIN CAT will have passive income in the form of 20% of the total income of the project.

Referral program

5% of the cost of each ticket purchased by your referral will be paid to you instantly.

Free tokens

You will receive the coins of our project for free in your wallet as a BONUS.


You will have an opportunity to breed NFT cats. Kittens will have an opportunity to receive additional 10% profit of the project for VIP club.

Our NFTs

To be announced

To be announced

To be announced

To be announced


Step 2

June 2022

Lottery launch


Step 4

July 2022

Referral program launch

Step 6

October 2022

“Spin cat token” launch

Step 1

April-May 2022

Community and lottery creation.

Step 3

The end of june- beginning of July 2022

Preliminary sale (for participants of the whitelist) / sale (public mint)

Step 5

September 2022

Launch of the cryptocurrency exchange on the lottery’s website.

Step 7

December 2022

Creation of a cat incubator. You will have an opportunity to breed your NFT kittens. Each kitten will be enrolled in the VIP club, which will bring additional 10% earnings from the project.


67 Yonge Street, 701 Suite, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1J8, CANADA

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What is a SPIN CAT NFT?
SPIN CAT NFT – are unique coins created on the Ethereum blockchain, which provide with an opportunity for passive earnings and other benefits.
How many NFTs will be produced and when is the mint date?
What is the price of our NFTs?
How can I buy SPIN CAT NFTs?
What privileges do SPIN CAT NFT owners receive?
How many NFTs can I buy?